Questions To Have Answered When Contemplating Hiring Skip Bins

Skip bins have increased in popularity due to the flexible waste disposal solutions they provide. Whether you are embarking on a home renovation project or are simply looking to spring clean your entire residence, these bins can be quite convenient. However, it should be noted that the process of hiring skip bins is not as simple as just requesting for the bins to be delivered onto your premises. There are several questions you would need to have answered so as to aid you in making the best decision for your individual needs. Here are some of the queries you should have answered before opting to hire skip bins.

What waste does the skip bin company dispose of?

A common misconception that people make is assuming that since these are waste receptacles, you can eliminate anything in them. The truth of the matter though is that most companies have stringent rules on the types of waste that can be disposed on in their bins. Heavy waste such as concrete, stone and more may require heavier skip bins. As such, if you are embarking on renovations, it is best to enquire whether the skip bin company will have to provide special bins for that type of waste. Another type of waste that would need special considerations is biological and chemical waste products. Since these are deemed hazardous, the skip bin company may have regulations on what types of bins can be used as well as how they will be handled.

What is the quantity of waste you would like disposed of?

The amount of waste that you would require to be disposed of would have a direct correlation to the number of skip bins that you would need. If this is your first time hiring skip bins, it would be advisable to have the company conduct a site visit. This will enable them to approximate the amount of waste they foresee you creating and give them a better idea of the size and number of bins that you would require. Additionally, knowing the amount of waste you would be eliminating will also determine the amount of time you would require the skip bins for. For an ongoing project, the company can make arrangements with you on whether they will collect the bins on a daily basis and replace them with empty ones. Alternatively they could lease you a certain number of bins for a specific period of time if you have sufficient space on location for them.

For more information about using skip bins for your waste, contact a local rental company. 

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