How to Choose an Automatic Hand Dryer for Your Facility

An automatic hand dryer can be a needed element for a washroom, as it means less paper towel waste and cost and a more hygienic way to dry your hands than using towels. A hand dryer can also take up less space than the dispenser and bin needed for towels, making it a good choice for smaller restrooms or those that tend to be busy and crowded. When you want to install an automatic hand dryer for your facility, note a few tips on how to choose the best type and one that will work for your needs in particular.

1. Noise level

In medical facilities, nursing homes, facilities that host conferences, and other such venues, you want to check the noise level of a hand dryer. Some are very loud, which might be disturbing to patients or guests of the facility. Some are meant to operate very quietly, and you may be willing to sacrifice the strength of the airflow for the quieter operation. To help you choose a noise level, compare the decibels created by a hand dryer with everyday sounds; conversation is typically at about 60 decibels, an alarm clock at 80 decibels, and an emergency vehicle siren at about 115 decibels. Compare hand dryer noise levels to these decibels so you can choose the quietest model for your facility.

2. Drying time

For busy facilities, you want a faster drying time from your hand dryer. This allows everyone to get their hands dry and get out of the way of the next person in the washroom. You might also invest in a hand dryer with a fast drying time for busy facilities where you don't want staff away from their stations for very long; medical facilities, busy hotels and other such businesses may need their staff to take the shortest breaks possible, versus an office where staff members may not be so easily missed when they step away to the washroom.

3. Energy use

Hand dryers may not use much energy, but the energy they do use can add up over time, so choosing models that will save energy can be important. However, you want to balance the energy usage against the dryer's other features. If you choose one with a weaker airflow because it's quieter, it may have a longer drying cycle so it uses more energy than one that is louder but with a shorter run cycle. Some models become warmer when in use so they may consume more energy, but they may be more comfortable for drying hands in colder climates. Balance the energy use against the comfort and convenience of the dryer's other features for the best choice.

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An automatic hand dryer can be a needed element for a washroom, as it means less paper towel waste and cost and a more hygienic way to dry your hands